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Updated name and rebrand for social impact media agency Megaphone Creative, who create beautiful and meaningful video and photographic content that shines a light on social and environmental issues. Megaphone required a more serious and thoughtful identity to capture their empathy, discretion and integrity when shooting  emotional and sensitive content.

I helped them to reposition themselves with a fresh brand voice and together we identified 
Megaphone's unique values in order to build the foundations of a new identity.

The circles of the logo represent not only the sound waves of a megaphone, radiating outwards but also the ripples that are caused when amplifying stories around social education and change.

We worked with Fiona recently as she helped us rebrand our company Megaphone Creative. She was very insightful, knowledgeable and flexible throughout the whole process. Her design of our logo and development of the brand book was brilliant - we are so happy with the outcome and would recommend her highly.

Ben Mann, Founder & Director

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