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Starting a business in 2021

When it comes to branding, it's essential to think creatively in order to stand out in the market. Whether it's your brand name or your approach, a unique perspective is key.

Starting with a name

There are two excellent ways to name your business that will help customers find you as well as keeping you high on search engines, the first is the artisan's approach where the name explains the business for example, "The Sustainable Catering Co." The second is to use a completely unique name which can be made up, sound like another word but spelled unusually or a combination of words, for example, "Ecosia", "Nudj" or "TikTok".

Once you have a shortlist of favourite names, ensure to check domain availability on sites like 123-reg to guarantee a URL that works for your business - .com and are still the most popular but there are also industry related suffixes that can even help boost your SEO, such as .boutique or .farm for example.

What is a brand personality?

Large businesses have understood brand personality for decades, however this is now just as important for small and medium sized companies too, especially when creating content and marketing in a digital world where there is so much competition.

The brand personality is about creating an identity and experience that resonates and connects with the intended audience.

When contemplating your brand personality, you first need to understand your audience inside and out, here are some great places to start;

  • Identify your demographic, why are they the most suited to your product or services?

  • Create customer profiles of real people that suit your audience stereotype so that you can better understand what makes them tick

  • Understand through customer profiles the best marketing techniques and experiment with different platforms

  • Create focus groups in the target demographic in order to test brand ideas and designs - try not to use family, online focus group sites are great

  • Engage with a brand specialist like Roccoco and ensure they understand the brand personality and core values before briefing them for design concepts - if possible go through the brand auditing process together

  • Mood board ideas to inspire the creative direction ahead of logo design work

  • Test designs and sit with your preferred options for a few days to make sure it's right

  • Always measure your engagement to see what platforms work best for your brand


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