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Emerging from the pandemic

Strategising during such uncertain times can be difficult but future proofing your brand is key when coming out of the pandemic.

What will the future hold?

Some businesses have thrived during COVID and have managed to adapt to operate online with ease, others have been on hold or in limbo due to restrictions on their industry and many are unsure how to proceed once things are "back to normal". With any business it's important to review what others in your industry are doing and what restrictions there might still be that you need to work around.

Get social

The vast majority of businesses are on social media but small to medium sized businesses rarely know the best platform for optimum engagement - it's therefor extremely important to test them all. If, like me, you're not a fan of some social platforms then ask a family member or friend who is, to post for your business a couple of times per week to see what the engagement is like. All businesses should be using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok as standard but test the others to see how well it could be received before creating a social strategy.

Using scheduling apps like Later or through Facebook Business is a great way to get your social content nailed in one go but it's imperative that you continue to engage with other users on a regular basis for the social platforms to see you as an active user. It's also crucial to review your best performing posts at the end of each month and note down the type of content you used so you can establish a pattern and create more posts that engage with higher numbers.

Reconnect with your audience

One thing the pandemic has taught us is not to take life too seriously, we have all learned to really appreciate the smaller things in life and the world is a less materialistic place as a result. Human connection is the most sought after interaction right now and once restrictions are fully lifted there's likely to be a 21st century version of the Roaring 20's, people just want to celebrate being allowed out and reconnecting with friends and loved ones so align your business with positive messaging.

Through business, we also want to reconnect so finding ways to encourage connection and community will be paramount post COVID. Re-imagining what the work place looks like in order to offer workers increased flexibility and wellness is also going to be very important in 2021 and many offices will change to reflect this.

If you work for yourself, ensure your own workplace and schedule caters for your own health and wellbeing and take the time to connect to others in similar situations to create a positive network around you - it could even lead to more work.


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