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When identifying yourself as a purpose led or impact brand, creating meaningful marketing through considered design and branding is essential in connecting with your audience.


If you consider yourself a purpose led or impact brand, then you will have processes, products and services that sit within a sustainable business framework, whether that is based on a circular economy or the traceability and openness around the environmental credentials of your supply chain.

If you are saying all the right keywords without implementing genuine sustainable and ethical business practices all the way through your business and supply chain, then you could be labelled as greenwashing.

If on the other hand, you operate from a truly sustainable platform with ethical practices underpinning all operations, but you are not reflecting that through your branding, then you are missing an opportunity to connect with a wider audience.


When you have a considered and powerful symbolic brand identity that properly communicates your values and personality, you can connect with users from a place of confidence, allowing them to place their trust in your business to support their own growing ethical needs and conscious outlook.

Many businesses will start out with the best intentions, however busy periods twinned with a requirement to get new business can often muddy the waters, and your values can easily get forgotten or bypassed. It's therefor so important to constantly revisit your mission statement and business plan, remembering who you are as a brand and why you started your business in the first place, before assessing whether any of your values have changed. It is also important to decide whether your overall brand identity and tone of voice are working hard enough for you or need to change to reflect these updates.

If you decide a refresh is in order, talking to a design agency that work with sustainable and ethical businesses like Roccoco with a track record for aligning values with environmental goals can have huge advantages. Likewise partnering with sustainability consultants like Earthkind Consulting for B2C or Terrafiniti for B2B can ensure your business processes and policies are in alignment.


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