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With 15 years experience as a freelance designer within the brand space and 18 years in the industry, Roccoco UK is releasing it's first online course on how to expertly brand a business.

WHo is this course for?

Roccoco is releasing two versions of this course, one for business owners and entrepreneurs and one for designers and creatives. If you are interested in either of these options please register your interest via the links below.

Business owners / entrepreneurs - Is your brand identity and strategy working hard enough for you? Are you getting the right clients? Does your brand identity align with your core values and mission statement? Are you launching a new business and don't know where to start? Has your clientele or revenue plateaued? Are you tight on budget but in need of professional looking branding? Register my interest for business owner / entrepreneur course.

Designers / creatives - Do you wish to add value to your design work? Are you stuck in a cycle of creating seemingly endless iterations of brand designs for your clients? Do you wish to add value to your process so that you can command a higher rate? Do you wish to become more than just a freelance graphic designer? Do you wish to make your design process highly efficient and more profitable? Register my interest for designer / creative course.


Roccoco is carefully curating two version of this course to engage both clients and creators in how to create the best branding and strategy for your or your clients' business. The course is adapted using your feedback, ensuring a tailored approach so that you feel your have the tools to reach your brand goals.

Once you have registered your interest for our business owner / entrepreneur course or or our freelance designer course, you will receive a questionnaire to help us tailor the course to your needs, this also allows you to be in control of the price by selecting a course type that fits with your schedule and time commitment as well as guiding us to add or remove course content based on your needs.

Once you have received your course outline and price, you can either approve and enrol for the next available course that meets your preferred criteria or you can update your preferences to ensure your course will cover all the areas you are interested in. If you feel you need further help in deciding what kind of course you need, please get in touch with


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