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the importance of onboarding a rebrand

The science of branding isn't always clear to the wider team, introducing them to the creative process and brand psychology can make for an easier transition.

Rebranding an established business can be tough on the rest of your team, some of which may be skeptical, pessimistic and critical of change. Involving your teams in the rebrand is an essential step of launching your new look and approach and can also help team build.

Roccoco offer an onboarding service that can be held independently or at your next AGM to introduce your teams to the psychology behind brand choices like shape, colour palette and typography. You can also involve them in the journey with questionnaires designed to prove the validity and importance of your rebrand based on your values and mission statement.

This onboarding presentation is designed to be fun, interactive and informative and takes around an hour to deliver. The experience can be tailored however to your teams needs, this can include extra time given to strategy, development and implementation within specific teams as well as usage guidelines for those who will be using the new creative assets.

For more information on brand onboarding or to book an appointment to discuss your brand requirements, please contact


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